Eco Travel Tips – How To Travel Sustainably

As borders reopen and we have the opportunity to travel again it’s important to think about the impacts of travel and make the best choices to lower our impact when travelling.

Pack Eco Products

Be prepared with your favourite travel eco products so you can avoid using single-use items and plastic

Choose Energy Efficient Transport

Here are the modes of transport in order of emissions – lowest to highest

  • Walking and cycling is the best for zero emission transport
  • Ferry travel is a very efficient transport option! 
  • Coach travel is your next best option with low emissions per passenger
  • Energy efficient trains and trams are great for city travel 
  • Transit buses are the worst option for shared transport unless they have been transitioned to low emission or electric buses.
  • Motorcycles have lower emissions than cars so a good option if you can’t get shared transport
  • Cars are an inefficient mode of transport so if you do need to travel by car try to have the car full of passengers
  • SUV’s are more fuel intensive than regular cars due to being heavier and less aerodynamic they have much worse fuel efficiency than cars. 
  • Long haul flights – There is no denying flying is bad for the planet. When you do need to fly try to opt for direct flights rather than short connecting flights
  • Domestic flights – Most energy is used to take-off so short flights create the most emissions per distance – try looking at trains & coaches before short flights
  • Private flights – Terrible! Should be banned! 

Support Local Businesses & Tour Operators

Keeping money in the local economy helps support local people. Over-tourism can have a negative effect on places so be mindful of your impact. 

Travel Slowly

The slower you move between places the lower your emissions will be plus you get to really experience a place and get to know the local culture rather than just a highlight reel of the most touristy spots. 

Avoid Experiences That Exploit Animals

You can’t really blame people for trying to make a living but the exploitation of animals for entertainment and profit is not something I will ever choose to exploit. Be wary of even the most “ethical” experiences. At the end of the day wild animals should be left in peace and anything that involves holding, feeding or riding is harmful. Avoid zoos, circus, aquariums and other animals experiences. 

Appreciate seeing animals, birds, reptiles and insects in their natural environment. 

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