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Why buying second-hand furniture is sustainable + 10 things you can buy second-hand!

The demand for new products means the earth’s finite resources are being extracted to and sold to consumers at the price of the planet. 

The exploitation of workers in factories means the cost of producing new goods is very low and the quality is poor. The fast-paced nature of fashion means consumers are pushed to buy new trendy fashion and lifestyle products. This creates a cycle of wastefulness where products that are used for just months or weeks are thrown “away” and end up in landfill or polluting our environment. 

Big business have been shown to purposely create products that are designed to last a short amount of time so they need to be replaced regularly. This is called planned obsolescence and has caused the massive influx or poor quality goods that don’t last and can’t be repaired. 

Break the cycle and buy second hand!

Buying second-hand goods rather than new means you are extending the life of something that is destined for landfill. Lowering the demand for new goods means less will be produced and we can move away from this cycle of consumerism. 

If you can’t find a suitable second-hand solution then supporting sustainable business who create strong, durable products means you will be able to use it for longer and pass it onto someone else to use after you!

7 Things To Buy Second-Hand

Second-hand online shops, Gumtree, Facebook Marketplace, Ebay, thrift stores, markets & more give consumers a way to buy used goods like never before. With the rise of the sustainability and climate movement, consumers are more aware than ever of the impact of their purchases. 

Here are our top ideas to buy second hand to lower your impact on our planet.

  1. Furniture
  2. Clothing
  3. Kitchenware 
  4. Sheets & bedding
  5. Sporting goods
  6. Electronics like phones & cameras
  7. Household appliances

Why Buy Second-Hand Furniture?

Furniture takes substantial energy and resources to create so by buying second-hand you can massively reduce your carbon emissions and create less demand for new products. 

Where to buy second-hand furniture?

Thrifted outfits

Why Buy Second-Hand Clothing?

Fashion is one of the biggest polluters and generator of carbon emissions. Boycotting fast-fashion and buying second-hand clothing can reduce your carbon footprint and send a big message to fast-fashion brands. 

Where to buy second-hand clothing? 

Second-Hand Kitchen-Ware

From cutlery and crockery to appliances, there’s plenty of fantastic quality kitchen goods that will save you money and help the planet. 

Second-Hand Bedding – Sheets & Doona Covers

Some people might turn their nose up at second-hand bedding but if you’ve every slept in a hotel you’ve already shared sheets with people. No difference in buying them to use at home! You can buy better quality bedding for a fraction of the price of new bedding at thrift stores. Bigger outlets like Savers have a great selection!

Second-Hand Sporting Goods

Your imagination is the limit here! Sporting equipment can often be purchased and only used sporadically before being discarded so it’s a great opportunity to take advantage of buying second-hand. From weights, balls, bats, rackets to ski gear, keep your eye out on online marketplaces and you never know what you might find! 

Second-hand camera

Second-Hand Electronics – Phones, Cameras & Laptops

Technology changes so quickly in the electronics world so brands are constantly pushing the latest and greatest and making their old products obsolete. The production of cameras, phones & laptops requires the use of precious minerals like lithium, gold, silver, copper, platinum and palladium. The extraction of these minerals is destructive to the earth and often involves horrible working conditions, exploitation & child labour. Buying second-hand means giving these products an extended life and means we are not directly contributing to the awful treatment of people and the planet. 

If you are concerned about second-hand electronics not working correctly after you buy them then look into buying from a second-hand dealer that repairs and refurbishes phones & electronics and provides a warranty. 

Where to buy second-hand electronics? 

Second-Hand Appliances

White goods like fridges, washing machines & dryers are generally built to last so they are a great choice to buy second-hand. Local buy & sell groups are great for this as well as Gumtree & FB Marketplace. 

Happy Second-Hand Shopping

We hope you are inspired to look for second-hand options next time you need to buy something! If you have any favourite websites or places you like to shop please let us know and we can add to the post. 

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